Desserts for Summer in Japan

Hello there!

How are you spending your weekend? The day before yesterday was the Tanabata in Japan even though my family and I didn’t celebrate it. It was first time for the Tanabata festival not to be a rainy day for years. So, I guess the mystical couple in the sky enjoyed having their romantic time together. You ca learn about mystical couple:

Today I want to introduce our summer desserts to you. In summer you can see these in supermarkets a lot. We love eating cold stuff in summer. Ice cream gets more popular in summer too, but we still love our old-fashioned sweets like these. We keep these desserts in our refrigerator to keep them cool. When we eat them, we can enjoy the cool temperature and the sweet flavor together. Most of them are like jellies, but these sweets are made from vegetable gelatin. This part is different from jellies. ( Jellies are made from animal gelatin.)

My favorite sweet in summer is Warabimochi. I really love Kuromitsu ( the black syrup made from brown sugar) and that’s the reason. It’s so tasty to eat the cold Warabimochi with Kuromitsu.



My other favorite is Mizsuyoukan.


My previous place where we lived had a popular Mizuyoukan factory three doors down from our house. We loved buying the Mizuyoukan there. I really miss it. Mizsuyoukan is made from some red beans.

We have more sweets for summer.



I don’t like this one, but some people like my hubby loves this, called Kuzsukiri. That’s because it tastes sour. I prefer sweet flavor.


So, which one do you want to taste first? I hope this summer won’t be extremely muggy, and I can enjoy the season.

Have a lovely weekend! See you around next weekend here again!




Get Some Potato-chips!

Hi there! How are you doing today?

I am busy for preparing for my studying abroad in the States. I will go back to the States next week.

I want to get some potato-chips in the States when I get there this time.  I am not a huge fan of chips, but there is a reason.

Last year four big typhoons attacked Hokkaido where is the main place for potatoes. We depends on the island to grow potatoes. The area got huge damage and we are lack of potatoes for potato-chips. Then,  several main potato-chips companies made a decision that they would stop making different flavored potato-chips. We still have salty flavor and probably BBQ flavor, but that’s all.

We have no idea when we can get various flavored potato-chips again. I miss soy sauce ones, wasabi flavored ones, fish eggs called mentaiko flavored ones or plum pickles called umeboshi flavored ones or so on……..

Now, the price of potato-chips is getting higher, especially the hard ones for us to get. I saw 5 dollars for one small package, and it’s five times higher! People compete to get potato-chips before they all are gone.

I guess when we want to get some potato-chips, we have to go to Costco to get American chips. Then, we will appreciate that we still can get some chips there!!

You can read an article about our chips here:

I hope I can write one more blog entry before going back to the States!

Have a lovely week, everybody!


Chinese Cuisine in Japan

Hello there! How have you been?

I am sorry for the delay. I wanted to update my blog soon, but I was busy for my family thing. Since I have some spare time, I want to update my blog today.

Today’s entry is about Chinese cuisine in Japan. I know in the States, people don’t think Chinese foods are “cuisine”. In Japan we have both cheap foods and expensive foods in Chinese foods. I want to show the expensive one today.

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I celebrated my husband’s parents’ wedding anniversary with them. My husband took us to a fancy Chinese restaurant. I thought it might be interesting for people who never seen Chinese fancy foods in Japan. I hope you enjoy the food.




















To be honest with you, I am not a big fan of the restaurant. When we lived in Wakayama prefecture, we used to going to our favorite Chinese restaurant. The foods are much better, but we don’t have the restaurant anymore, and we don’t live in Wakayama either.

I like Chinese foods both in Japan and America.

Do you have Chinese cuisines in your country?

Sakura (Cherry blossoms )started blooming! My next blog entry will be about the cherry blossoms!

Have lovely weekdays! See you soon here!!!



Taco Rice

Hello there!

How have you been? It’s already March! I am amazed how time goes by so fast!

Today, I want to write about our local food in Okinawa, Japan. I think this blog entry might be interesting for people who like Mexican foods. It’s Taco Rice!!


I made this plate a couple of days ago because my hubby likes the taco rice. It’s very simple. The ingredients are same as regular Tacos, but instead of using Taco Shells,  we use Japanese sticky rice. We put all these ingredients on the rice. That’s it!! It’s very simple and yummy!

I live in a main land in Japan, and Taco rice isn’t popular here. Even Mexican foods are not popular either. However, we have Costco, and we can get Salsa Sauce and  Taco Shells there.

I think we are not good at adopting foreign food culture so much, but this one is an good example. If you are interested in Taco Rice, try it out because it’s not difficult to make at all.

Have a lovely week!




Hello there! How have you been?

Today I want to write about Ramen because I have heard Ramen is getting popular in the world. Have you had Ramen before? Ramen is noodle with soup, and it’s very popular in Japan. We have lots of Ramen shops everywhere.

My hubby and I went to a Ramen shop close to our house last week.


The shop is new and he wanted to go there to try the ramen there. We ordered different flavored ramen to taste. I preferred mine, and he preferred his. His ramen was too rich for me. I prefer plan flavor to rich one in ramen.


I ordered this one. The flavor is based on salt with fish soup.


Usually, Japanese ramen restaurants’ menu has pictures. I don’t like menus in America or Mexico because they don’t have pictures like ours! I can read English, but if I have no idea about the food names, how can I order?! In Mexico, since I can’t read Spanish, I always had some troubles to choose foods. I always had to ask my friends.


My hubby’s order


My order



we shared the fried chicken and gyoza.


I am very curious. What does your country’s ramen look like? Does it look like ours?

I will be off for a couple of weeks in this blog and my other blog. I will study abroad in Italy for two weeks and can’t update my blogs. After I return to Japan, I will update my art blog about my adventures in Italy!


See you at the end of this year, every one!




Hello there! It’s getting colder here. How have you been?

Today I want to write about sushi. Do you know that we have so many different kinds of sushi?

Nigiri is the most popular and famous in the world.


Besides Nigiri, we have so many different kinds of sushi. I don’t think I can mention everything, but I want to mention some which I am familiar with.

A couple of days ago, I made Chirashi. This is home-made sushi.


I mixed dried veggies, mushrooms, tiny fish called jyako, eggs, raw sermon, cucumbers, fish paste called kamaboko, renkon (Japanese vegetable) and so on. Since it’s easy for fixing, I make this often.

I was born and grew up close to Kyoto. In Kyoto we have hako-zushi.


My favorite one is the brown ones. They are grilled eels.

I lived in Wakayama prefecture with my hubby 20 years ago. Kakinoha-shushi is really popular there. It looks like hako-zushi, but the difference is after we make the sushi, we wrap it with a fruit (persimmon) leaf.  I love kakinoha-shushi too!


Next is my mom’s favorite! I didn’t like the sushi for a long time, but recently I came to like it. Saba-sushi is made from a vinegar flavored  mackerel.


The last one is called Masu-zushi. This is a bigger version of kakinoha-sushi, but after we make the sushi, we wrap it with bamboo leaves. The sushi is local food of Toyama. Since my father in-law’s hometown is Toyama prefecture, we often get the sushi from him. The red fish is a trout.


Which one looks yummy for you? Which one do you want to try out?

All have different flavors and all are good!

I hope this blog entry helps to learn about sushi more.

Have a lovely day! See you around next weekend here again!


Japanese High Technology Restaurants

Hi there! How are you doing this weekend? I hope you all are having a good weekend!

Today I want to introduce our robotic sushi restaurants. In Japan basically,  we have two type of sushi restaurants. One is very fancy expensive one, and the other one is cheep and family type of one. The robotic one belongs to the family type of sushi restaurants and very popular. Many people love going there because it’s cheap and tasty.

In the restaurants, there are only few waiters or waitresses. They don’t order from us. When we order, we use a tablet PC or screen. The waiters or waitresses don’t serve sushi to us either. In the shop there is a long conveyor belt. The belt carries sushi to us. You can watch a video clip that an American girl is introducing our sushi restaurant. Sushiro is a chin shop and we have lots of them everywhere. We have one close to our house as well.

I have never seen that kind of restaurant in the States before even in a buffet style of restaurant. I don’t know about other countries, though. So, if your country has that kind of sushi restaurant, please let me know. I would love to know!

I am thinking in the future we will have this kind of restaurants more and waiter or waitress will loose their job gradually.

We also have another type of restaurants. This is not a sushi restaurant, but we order with a vending machine. Of course, there is no waiters.

I hope you enjoyed a part of our high technology culture, lol.

Have a lovely weekend! See you next weekend here again!



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