Let’s Stay Healthy!

Hello there! How have you been? I hope everybody is doing great.

Today I want to write about health. There are lots of things that we can’t buy, like love,  happiness, education, talents and I think health is one of them. Recently, I am very interested in being healthy.

At the begging of this year, my dad had a surgery of colon cancer. He was in the stage one, so, we don’t need to worry about him. Until he got cancer, I had never worried about him. Since I was a kid, he was just like a superman. He has a really good shape, still can run ( even though he is 85 years old), walks 10 km every single day and looks very healthy. I have never doubt he would be able to live until 100 years old. So, when I heard the news from my mom, I was very shocked.

However, his health saved him a lot. He recovered very quickly. My dad never ever looks like 80’s. He looks more than 10 years younger. He still keeps all his teeth.

I thought why he is so young and healthy. Then, I realized that he doesn’t have extra FAT.

Recently, I started adding weight and extra fat because of age. I am one of the women who is in menopausal. I tried to lose weight many times, but it was really difficult for me. One day, I saw an advertisement on TV in the States. I was visiting my American friend then, and it was in May this year. The advertisement was saying that it’s hard for middle ages to lose weight. That’s because their metabolism system is going down, they lose muscles and so on. So, this is the shortest cut for those people to lose weight. It’s very simple, BURN FAT! I thought that’s it! Then, I bought three exercising DVDs. My other American friend helped me to get them.

Since then, my body has changed a lot. After I returned to Japan, I started doing the exercise to follow the direction. At first, I couldn’t catch up with the speed. The exercise was really hard. I sometimes had to look at the video not to move. I sometimes thought I couldn’t do this because I was too old. However, I just don’t like giving up something in the mid way. So, I just kept going. Then, I realized that I was getting better day by day! When I started thinking like that, my body started changing. I started losing FAT and adding muscles.

Three months has passed. I thought I lost lots of weight because I made my clothes’ side down. I could wear my old jeans! I looked much more slim than before. I measured my weight. I so expected how much I lost. When I checked out my weight, I was shocked. Well, I didn’t lose any weight at all. However, I looked totally different from before. What’s happened to me? I looked for about this on the internet and learned a lot.

What I learned is that all my fat changed into muscles. Muscles are three times heavier than fat, and smaller than fat. That’s why I look slimmer than before even though I didn’t lose any weight. I can wear my old jeans or whatever. My waist, tights, arms got lots of muscles and became much smaller. I figured out this is the real meaning of LOSING WEIGHT! Since muscles burn more calories than fat, I will lose my weight gradually.

Before doing exercising, I had never thought burning fat is the key to lose weight. I had believed that it’s the shortest cut for us not to eat. That’s a wrong way to do. If you want to keep a better shape, MOVE, BURN FAT and BUILT MUSCLES! I can say that don’t give up because of your age. All we can do something to burn fat. There are so many ways to burn fat. Search it what you can do. Once you built muscles, it’s easy for you to lose weight, to keep a better shape, to stay healthy. I also want to say that exercising is good for our mental. I feel better, younger, more motivate, more positive and can enjoy myself more.

I highly recommend such you who are spending so much time for playing video games or internet surfing to exercise.

I want to keep my new shape as long as I can. So, I keep exercising, burning fat and keeping muscles. I have known this brings me more happiness!!

Thanks for reading my blog post. See you around in two weeks! I hope you are having a good weekend/week!

-Yumi X

You can see my before after photos.

Me before exercising


Me after exercising



Tosa Dog

Today I want to write about the biggest dogs in Japan. They are a family of Mastiff.

I have a female three year-old black Labrador Retriever, Coco, and a Tosa Dog is her male friend. I have known about Tosa dogs, but until Coco has made friends with the male Tosa Dog, Gun, I have never seen a Tosa dog in person before. I think this is really cool that Coco has a Tosa friend! They are a definitely rare sort.  Japanese people prefer tiny dogs like toy poodles.

When I saw Gun for the first time with Coco, I was very scared and avoided to follow his way.  Coco is very powerful, and I thought I might not control her when she got excited to see Gun.  Gun’s owner realized that I was afraid of him, and he approached us. We made friends then.

When I touched Gun, I was so nervous even though the owner told me that Gun was well controlled and never bit me. I still remember the feelings very well. Gun has a huge head. I have heard Gun killed a Boxer two years ago when they fought. I am happy that Coco and Gun made good friends.

In Japan, if people want to own Tosa dogs, they need a permission from a Police department. That’s because they are very dangerous dogs. We have heard about news that the dogs kill their owners or family members. They are fighting dogs in the Shikoku area. The Gun’s owner loves big dogs, especially Tosa Dogs. Gun is his eighth dog. According to him, since he got older, he retired Dog fights. He was used to doing the business. I am glad Gun is not a fighting dog. I can’t support all kind of animal fights. The owner has another dog, a female Mastiff, named Sakura. She is much bigger than Gun! He sometimes takes two of them together for a walk. I can’t believe how he can control two extremely huge dogs together. Sakura is one and a half years old and much more energetic than Gun.

Gun is three years old too and very skinny. Coco is much energetic than Gun. Although I really want to take some photos of Gun with Coco, I have to apologize that there is no photos of them. I walk in the evening, and plus they are very playful. It’s hard for me to take their photos in dark, but when I take some, I will update them.

I know big dogs’ life spam is always shorter than small dogs’. Gun’s owner said Tosa’s life spam is around 8 years. I really hope Coco and Gun can hang out as long as they can.

If you want to get more information about Tosa, you can get it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tosa_(dog)

The word, Tosa means an old term of one of prefectures, Kouchi Ken in the Sikoku area. The Tosa Dogs are originally from there. In the Edo period, dog fights were one of the entertaining events for Shoguns.


We still have dog fights, and the champions wear these kinds of costumes to show off.

These costumes are very similar as Yokozuna, the champions of Sumo wrestlers.



It’s getting cooler in Japan, and I am very happy with this comfy weather. I will see you around in two weeks!

Have a lovely week or weekend!

-Yumi x

Chinese Cuisine in Japan

Hello there! How have you been?

I am sorry for the delay. I wanted to update my blog soon, but I was busy for my family thing. Since I have some spare time, I want to update my blog today.

Today’s entry is about Chinese cuisine in Japan. I know in the States, people don’t think Chinese foods are “cuisine”. In Japan we have both cheap foods and expensive foods in Chinese foods. I want to show the expensive one today.

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I celebrated my husband’s parents’ wedding anniversary with them. My husband took us to a fancy Chinese restaurant. I thought it might be interesting for people who never seen Chinese fancy foods in Japan. I hope you enjoy the food.




















To be honest with you, I am not a big fan of the restaurant. When we lived in Wakayama prefecture, we used to going to our favorite Chinese restaurant. The foods are much better, but we don’t have the restaurant anymore, and we don’t live in Wakayama either.

I like Chinese foods both in Japan and America.

Do you have Chinese cuisines in your country?

Sakura (Cherry blossoms )started blooming! My next blog entry will be about the cherry blossoms!

Have lovely weekdays! See you soon here!!!



Black Angels

This morning my family and I visited a breeder who has been breeding Labrador Retriever Dogs in Nara prefecture. Two months ago, we lost our beloved dog, Lala. She was also  Labrador Retriever. We can’t move on from her death, and after discussing, we made a decision to get a new one. A couple weeks ago, I found the place where the breeder lives online. He is a canine trainer for Nara police. He has been raising German Shepherd Dogs and Labrador Retriever Dogs and training them for the police. I contacted him to show us their new puppies. They have four puppies which were born on the eleventh of July; two female black Lab, one female yellow Lab and one male black Lab. We had been looking for a female black Lab because Lala was a female black one.

It took only forty minutes from our house to get there. Since the puppies mom was really nervous, we couldn’t see her. I understand her feelings because she was really worried about her puppies. Every time they take her puppies to show people, I think she gets nervous.

We saw two of female black puppies.

Black Lab Puppies

Black Lab Puppies


They were so CUTE! My daughter and I almost cried to remember Lala when we saw them. To be honest with you, we didn’t know Lala’s babyhood because she was a leftover at a pet shop. When she came to our house, she was already six months. When our daughter, Nana was younger, she always said, “Mommie, how Lala looked like when she was a puppy”.  I knew she wanted to see Lala’s babyhood even though she understood it’s impossible. When we made a decision that we would have a new one, only Nana was against it. She told us that she never ever wanted to have a dog at all because Lala’s death broke her heart.

However, when Nana saw the new puppies, they melted her heart.

Black Lab Puppies

Black Lab Puppies


Black Lab Puppies

Black Lab Puppies

They are just two weeks old!

Black Lab Puppies

Black Lab Puppies


Black Lab Puppies

Black Lab Puppies


When I saw one of them blueish black eyes, I thought humans babies also have the same colors when they are born. I still remember Nana’s blueish black eyes. At that time, I told my hubby that she was so pure that she hadn’t seen any evil things yet. That’s why her eyes are not black black, and blueish black.

Black Lab Puppies

Black Lab Puppies


Black Lab Puppies

Black Lab Puppies


They are too small to take to our house, but we chose which one we would take. We chose the one which Nana was holding. When she turns two months old, we will take her to our home. We are really looking forward to having her!

P.S I want to write about Lala next time.

How To Remove Your Resistance

Are you good at managing your time? Me? No! I’m really poor at managing my time. I’m sure I’m wasting a lot of time a day, and I just hate it.
I have several guilty pleasures that relate to my reference. For instance; the Internet surfing is a big problem for me. I love sitting in front of my PC and checking out the Social Network Service like Facebook, blogs, YouTube or whatever. After doing this, I always regret what I did.

So, trying not to spend wasting time on my PC, I switched a comfortable chair to uncomfortable chair. Now, I’m sitting on the uncomfortable chair to write this blog entry. It’s too uncomfortable, and I don’t want to sit for a long time. This chair is really working out for me.

Next, I organized my painting desk to focus on painting. When my desk was messy, I always lost feeling that I want to paint. That’s because before painting, I had to clean up my desk fast. It was a pain for me, and I always thought “OK, I can start painting tomorrow.” The thought; “I can do this tomorrow” never happens to me. Now, when I look at my organized painting desk, it makes my motivation up for painting.

Next year I want to have my own exhibition in Japan. So, I want to paint a lot of new pieces for my exhibition.

How Do You Manage Your Stress?

Hello! It’s too humid and hot in Japan, and this weather kills me.
How have you been?

I’ve been feeling a lot of stress because of this weather, having a deadline or whatever.

Today I want to ask you how you relieve your stress. Of course, I’m sure everyone has some stress and sometimes they stress us out. In my case, I’m really weak at summer. This heat kills me and makes me down. I don’t want to do anything and become really lazy.

However, this summer I have a deadline and have to push myself to keep it. This thing stresses me out.

I started gardening, and it helps me feel stress less. Even so, I want to know how people maintain their stress and want to try it to me. So, please share your case with me!

As I mentioned that I started gardening, and I will write down about it on my next blog entry! See ya soon!!!

A Strong Will

Recently I’ve been keeping on reading books in English every single day, and it makes me very happy 🙂 It took more than five years for me to put it in my routine work. I tried to do a lot of things to make it routine, but I always gave it up. To keep my goal (I’ve set a goal to read 48 books in English every year), I always had to push myself at the end of year. It was very hard, and I regretted why I didn’t keep reading constantly. Even though I learned from my mistakes, I couldn’t keep on reading ever day.

However, this year is different from usual! Somehow, I can keep on reading every day. I want to think what changed me.

Firstly, I think I’ve improved my reading skills, and it has become easier for me to find certain books for me.
Secondly, I’ve been showing my reading progress in public to use Facebook and Twitter, and it has become my motivation to keep reading.
Thirdly, I think I finally joy to read in my second language.

I have several high goals for books. Someday I want to read more advance books that I’m used to reading in Japanese.
Through this thing, I learned keep going is the most important thing for me to improve my skills. I’ve known it, but it’s easy to say and hard to do.

I really want to use this method to improve my painting skills. I’m a moody painter, and I sometimes can’t paint. I’ve still been struggling with putting it in my routine work. I want to have a STRONG will to keep on painting every single day from now on to improve my painting skills!

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