Cafes in Japan

Hiya! How have you been so far? I am doing great to enjoy my life.

Today, I want to share something interesting with you. You know we have weird cafes, like maid cafes, right? Our cafes are getting more diverse. Now, we have lots of cafes where we can enjoy getting together to share our interests.

Cats cafes where we can touch cats or conversational English cafes where we can speak in English with foreigners or English teachers are more popular. We have more cafes like rabbit cafes where we can touch rabbits. Rabbit cafes are getting popular in Japan as well. I don’t think it’s a clean place to drink something, though, lol.

I have never been to those cafes before, but I had an opportunity to go to a knitting cafe recently.  I have to say that knitting is my hobby. I have found knitting is meditation for me, and that’s why I love knitting. I found a knitting cafe where I can learn Fair Isle technique from Scotland and went there.


There were 10 students plus three teachers there. We all knitted the Fair Isle techniques.


Fair Isle knitting started for fishermen, but they have become more sophisticated.






We can see lots of Fair Isle knitting products which the instructors  have placed on the walls. They were so perfect! I was in love with them at first sight.

A student was knitting her sweater with the technique. According to her, it takes 6 months for her to finish one product!! Oh, I need a lot of patience to finish one piece!!!!


The instructors show us lots of traditional patterns and books to make us think we can make these!


Since I am a definitely beginner of this technique, I have nothing to show. I just started learning this technique. My goal is to knit sweaters for all my family! The yarns for the technique come from Shetland, Scotland. Their yarns are very light and warm like cashmere. Since I love conservative, classical and traditional style of fashion a lot, I really really love these knitting patterns!

Cafes where we can learn something is different from schools or clubs. When we learn something in schools or clubs, it’s hard for us to quit after one experience. However, it’s easy for us to quit in cafes. We don’t need to go to the cafes constantly. Whenever we want, we can book the cafes and keep learning. The knitting cafe is open 8 days each month from 10 am to 1:30 pm for students to learn . My plan is to go there once a month to learn. It’s more convenient for us to save time and money. It’s easier for us to start learning something new. Of course, we call these “cafe”, so we order something to drink while we learn.

I had a wonderful time there with knitting people. All of them were very friendly to share their products, ideas and technique.

I think these style of cafes where we can learn something will be more popular in Japan.

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Hi there! How have you been?

Have you watched the movie, Her? It’s a Hollywood movie to describe a futuristic relationship. In the movie we date computers.

Well, I think we will have it soon…….. Today I want to introduce our high technology.

A friend of mine from America shared this video clip with me, and this associated me with the movie, Her.

In Japan we have a serious problem for young people who are not interested in having relationships. They love internet game, anime, manga, computer game and so on. They might have internet virtual relationships through game, but they are not interested in real relationships. Don’t you think it’s weird?

I have no idea why people like virtual relationships. Are they afraid of being dumped or getting hurt? Yes, I think so. I think these people are chicken out.

I think we can’t get perfect relationships when we start relationships. Friendships or relationships need time to grow. However, these people love anime, manga, internet game tend to seek perfect relationships from the beginning. That’s because they are used to seeing fantasy through anime, manga or whatever. In their fantasy all characters have perfect boyfriends or girlfriends.  I am afraid that this virtual home robot increases the number of young people who are not interested in real relationships more.

This is a one way relationship and they never receive anything from their virtual girlfriends/boyfriends. I guess when people get used to this, they will lose emotions, social skills, patience for  having a long turn relationship with real people, making babies and so on. I can’t imagine any positive things about this.

What do you think about this? Do you think this is good?

What do you think about Japanese cleaning up education?

Hi there!

How have you been? Here the weather is really muggy and I am sweating right now. A typhoon is heading to us and that’s why. Tomorrow the typhoon will change the high-pressure system around the Korean peninsula . I am glad that no typhoon will hit us.

Well, today I want to write about our education, especially I want to focus on cleaning up after school. It might not be popular around the world.

Cleaning up education in Japan

Cleaning up education in Japan

Cleaning up education in Japan

Cleaning up education in Japan

Cleaning up education in Japan


In Japan, from elementary to high school, it is the students’ job to stay after school to clean up our classrooms, hallways, toilets, music rooms, science labs or whatever and school grounds. We don’t have any janitors for our schools. We have to clean up our rooms every single day. We also sometimes have to clean up specific rooms like PE gyms or we wash windows before we have school breaks. While cleaning our rooms that we use to study, we learn how to respect our surroundings. I think this is great and it has really worked out even for grown-ups because two years ago, when we went to the World Cup for soccer, our cleaning behavior had became popular.

Do you remember what Japanese supporters did? We were in Brazil and cheered up the Japanese team. After the game, we started cleaning up and picked up our trash by ourselves. It’s quite common when we go to public places. Before leaving, we clean up the places.

We even have a cleaning up time in our neighborhoods. We set up a specific date for cleaning up around our neighborhoods and follow it.

Maybe we Japanese people are very clean people?! What do you think about this education?

Japanese Education Systems

I would like to introduce Japanese education systems today. We have kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges ( two year collages and four year collages) and graduated schools in Japan.

Basically we go to kindergarten for two to three years. In my daughter’s case she went to there for three years when she turned three years old. Our school starts on April. That is the most different part from America. After that we go to elementary school for six years. This part is also different from America. We also go to middle school for three years. We have to go to from elementary school to middle school regally. On the other hand, we can chose we start to work or keep on going to school after we graduate from middle school. When I was a middle school student, there were two to three students who started to work in each class. However, most of middle school students go to high school since my days.  We go to high school for three years. It is also different. When we graduate from high school, most of  us turn eighteen years old. After graduation, some of them enroll in college, and the others start to work.

As I already mentioned that high school is kind of option for us, so, high schools have various courses. We have various high schools. For instance; high schools that focus on learning agriculture, business, art, languages, music and so on. Of course, we also have some high schools that focus on studying and preparing to enroll in college. Each prefecture has such kinds of high schools.

We also have public schools, private schools and national schools. Basically everyone can enroll in public kindergarten, elementary school, middle school without taking an entrance exams. If students would like to go to private school or national school, they have to take an entrance exams. So, there are some children who go to kind of cram schools even though they are just two or three years old. In their case, they prepare to take the entrance exams of kindergarten. You might not be able to believe that, but in some major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kanagawa, Kobe, Hakata, Nagoya, we have super high level private schools. Most of the case, they have kindergarten school to college. After they can enroll in the kindergarten, it will be much easier for them to go to the elementary, middle, high school and the college without taking any entrance exam. That is why many parents who are enthusiastic to their children’s education make their children go to cram schools when they turn two to three years old.

Each prefecture has a national school. The school also have from kindergarten to college. However, most of the case, students have to take the entrance exams after they graduate from each kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school. Compared to public schools, in both private schools and national schools, since there are good students and parents who are enthusiastic to their children’s education, many students would like to go to the schools if they think about they are planning to go to high level college.

In Japan high schools and colleges are option, and we do not need to go to there. So, no matter what private, national, public both high schools and colleges have each level from low to high. Of course, high level high schools and colleges are difficult for students to enroll in. If the students would like to go to high level high school or college, they have to study hard to pass the entrance exams. Most of middle school and high school students who want to go to such high school and college go to cram school after school.

I have heard that many American people say that in Japanese college it is the hardest to pass the exam, but it is easy to graduation. I think it is a stereo type opinion. It is not easy for Japanese students to graduate from college. Especially when they major in science, compared to majoring in art, it is much more difficult. Even if they major in art, if their grades were not good, it would be difficult to get a good job. So, I guess that Japanese college students study hard as well as American students. ( I am not sure because I have no experience to go to American college, so I can not compare.) However, compared to entrance exams, graduation exams are not so difficult for students.

I think Japanese students have to think about their future since they are young. At lease when they turn middle school students, they have to start to think about their future. I think preparing and thinking about our future is good for us.

After you read this blog entry, you might think that Japanese education systems do not have free. Of course, some students study hard, but we really enjoy our school life. In addition to that, we choose our schools by ourselves. Before we enroll in college, we already decide our major, and after we enroll in college, we can not cancel and change our major. If we would like to change our major, we have to take entrance exams again.
In addition, when I was a high school student, two year colleges were quite popular among female students. Although I went to four year college, some of my friends went to the schools. There were lots of private two year colleges. However, right now two year colleges are getting down and down. Although each prefecture has a public two year college, right now they changed, and they have become public four year colleges.