Imaginary Friend

Hello there! How have you been so far? I am still busy with homework from my painting school. My teacher makes me upset a lot with the assignments because she doesn’t like anything I design. Well, it’s life, right?

Anyway, today I want to write about imaginary friends. A couple of days ago, I finished reading a book in English. The book is for children and written about the protagonist’s imaginary friend. This made me remind me of my imaginary friend when I was three years old.

Have you had an imaginary friend when you were a kid? Yes, I had. When I was three years old, my parents bought their own house, and we moved to the place. I had some friends in my previous place, but I had no friends in the new place. I have a younger sister, but I was an only child then. After moving, I started following my mom because I was scared to be alone where I was not familiar. She sometimes told me that stop following her, but I had never quit it.

One day, my parents bought me a swing. I was playing with it with my favorite teddy bear in our small yard. I thought if I could have a human company, it would be great. Then, a boy showed up from the gate of our back yard. He looked much older than me. I thought it was a bit weird that somebody showed up from the way, but I was glad to see the boy. He asked me if he could join me. I said yes, and we enjoyed playing together. I asked him where he lived, he told me four doors down. When my mom called me from our house, I told him that I would be right back. When I went back, he was not there. Since I didn’t ask his name, I couldn’t call him.

My mom asked me who I was playing because she heard my talking voice. I told her that I met a boy, and he and I were playing with the new swing. She seemed to be happy to hear that. After that, I med two boys, one lived in our next door who was one year older than me, and the other one lived in two doors down who was same age as me in our neighborhood. I made friends with them, and I forgot the boy whom I played with the swing.

Somehow, all the sudden, when I was around seven years old, I remembered him. I asked about him to my mom if a boy lived in four door down. That’s because since then, I had never met him. My mom said that there were no boys there because the house was a dormitory for nurses.  I probably mixed up our next door boy and four door down boy together. However, I thought that boy was much older and taller than them.  He didn’t look like them. I asked the boys how we met. They shared their memories, but they didn’t relate to the swing. Then, they and I visited the house where he told me that he lived in, but we couldn’t find any boy there.

So, what did I see? Did I play with a ghost? I think that was my imaginary friend. I was always lonely without any friends in the new place. My mom was always busy with settling up their house. Then, I created the boy. I don’t know why it was a boy who was much older than me. Does it make sense to you?

In the book the protagonist could see his imaginary friend whenever he wanted. However, in my case I saw him only once. I have never seen him again. Even so, can I call him as my imaginary friend, or he might be a ghost?!

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope I will update my other blog (My Porcelain Painting Blog) in two weeks.

See you around here again in two weeks!




10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Helga Jaermann
    Feb 09, 2018 @ 16:02:34

    I believe children have a lot of fantasei , but I love your story


    • yumi
      Feb 09, 2018 @ 16:04:47

      Hi, Helga!

      Thank you as always for visiting my blog! I agree. Children have lots of imagination and fantasy. I am glad that you enjoyed my story! Thank you for reading this!!


  2. Emilie
    Feb 09, 2018 @ 20:04:26

    Yumi, did you ever think it could have been an angel? Angels do visit us from time to time.
    Don’t let your china painting teacher get you down, Remember that her opinion is just one opinion. Even though in class her opinion is important out side the classroom there are many, many more opinions that really love your paintings and designs!!!!!


    • yumi
      Feb 10, 2018 @ 10:02:04

      Hi, Emilie

      Thank you so much for encouraging me against the teacher things. I will try my best!

      Thank you for letting me think it might be an angel! I have never thought about it, but yeah, who knows! He might be an angel, and it’s much much better to think that he was an angel rather than a ghost!


  3. Mario
    Feb 10, 2018 @ 01:19:34

    Very nice blod


  4. uiabird
    Feb 10, 2018 @ 22:18:31

    I never did have an imaginary friend when I was small sadly… I had crushes on fictional characters though. When I was 12 I had a crush on a cartoon character and literally yelled it when my bro and sis gave me grief about it lol


    • yumi
      Feb 11, 2018 @ 03:37:55

      Hi, Uiabird!

      Thank you again for visiting my blog!! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I think it’s cute that a twelve year-old crushed on a cartoon character. I think we all have kind of similar experiences like you or I have. It’s easier for us to live in a fantasy or imaginary world when we are kids. I miss my childhood, lol!!


  5. Gay
    Feb 11, 2018 @ 21:57:08

    Hi Yumi, Loved your imaginary friend story. I had an imaginary friend growing up. We lived in the country and there were no children my age. My brother and sister are eight years older than me and they certainly did not want to entertain me. So my friend, Rosie, showed up. Yep her name was Rosie and she was a little lamb. Why I didn’t invent a person is beyond me. Rosie and I used to play outside. Mom would open the door to let us inside but would close it befor Rosie could get in and I would cry until she reopened the door for Rosie. Mom also had to set a place at the table so Rosie could eat dinner with us. I certainly had a patient mom!


    • yumi
      Feb 20, 2018 @ 14:17:05

      Hi, Gay

      Thank you for sharing your lovely story! I loved yours!! Now, I understand why you named your dog Rosie! How cool it is!!!


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