Hi there! How have you been?

Have you watched the movie, Her? It’s a Hollywood movie to describe a futuristic relationship. In the movie we date computers.

Well, I think we will have it soon…….. Today I want to introduce our high technology.

A friend of mine from America shared this video clip with me, and this associated me with the movie, Her.

In Japan we have a serious problem for young people who are not interested in having relationships. They love internet game, anime, manga, computer game and so on. They might have internet virtual relationships through game, but they are not interested in real relationships. Don’t you think it’s weird?

I have no idea why people like virtual relationships. Are they afraid of being dumped or getting hurt? Yes, I think so. I think these people are chicken out.

I think we can’t get perfect relationships when we start relationships. Friendships or relationships need time to grow. However, these people love anime, manga, internet game tend to seek perfect relationships from the beginning. That’s because they are used to seeing fantasy through anime, manga or whatever. In their fantasy all characters have perfect boyfriends or girlfriends.  I am afraid that this virtual home robot increases the number of young people who are not interested in real relationships more.

This is a one way relationship and they never receive anything from their virtual girlfriends/boyfriends. I guess when people get used to this, they will lose emotions, social skills, patience for  having a long turn relationship with real people, making babies and so on. I can’t imagine any positive things about this.

What do you think about this? Do you think this is good?

A Part of Japanese Odd Culture~Pee Game machines in Male Toilets

Hi there!

How have you been? Recently, Japan is very chilly and I got a cold. I have a headache, slightly a fever and can’t stop coughing. I hope you all are doing well.

Well, today I want to introduce a part of our weird culture to you all. To be honest with you, I didn’t know about this game machine at all until my friend from Texas told me. When he shared some youtube videos about the games, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Japanese Pee Game Machine 1

Japanese Pee Game Machine 2

These machines are only in public male toilets, Tokyo. I asked about if my hubby has seen the machines in public male toilets in Osaka, and he said he has never seen the game machines before. The game machines are free and while peeing, people can enjoy completing the games, lol. Please grow up, Japanese guys! Don’t you think so? I can’t understand why adults guys want to compete peeing speed, height or whatever. Don’t you think this is really weird?

After I watched the video clips that Matt shared with me, I thought “Aw, it’s really pathetic”, and I felt even embarrassment. I really want people to use these kind of high technologies for other things that we can be proud of more.

I want to ask all male people. Do you want to play with the game while peeing? My British friend and his dad said, “Yes!”. He also told me that his son definitely would want to try it. Matt also told me that he wanted to make a record and beat everybody. Come one, is it universal thing that guys can’t grow up????

What do you think about these machines and guys?

Do You Like J-Pop?

Do you like J-Pop? Before I watched the You Tube video, I never think that J-Pop is so much popular all over the world. Do you know that right now there are lots of J-Pop fans who cannot understand the meaning of lyrics here and there in the world?
To tell you the truth, I do not like J-Pop. Since I was young, I have been a huge fan of western music. So, when I watched the video clip, it surprised me a lot.

Since the video clip is in Japanese, and it is difficult for us to listen to the English part, I would love to write about the content of it in English. However, in this case I do not translate it into Japanese. While including my opinion, I try to write about J-Pop.

I know it is one of effective tools for Japanese learners to learn Japanese while listening to J-Pop. I know some friends who have been learning Japanese with J-Pop. I think that it is a good idea for them if they can enjoy learning Japanese. When I listened to the storied that they really love listening to J-Pop from my friends who have been learning Japanese, I could not understand why they love J-Pop so much because I do not like it.

If you were a J-Pop fan, can you tell me the reason why you like it? According to the video clip, Japanese music melody lines are different from western melody lines. Ours sound more happier. In other words, our music makes people encouraged, happy, positive and cheer them up. They would like to sing songs at karaoke or in a group. As you know, in Japan Karaoke is very popular among Japanese people. I think that most of people love to go there to release their stress. So, most of J-Pop is easy for us to sing at Karaoke. It means that compared to western music, it is much easier for people to memorize melody line and lyrics in J-Pop; it is easy for them to sing them.

On the other hand, our cell phone’s technology is the most advanced in the world. Many people download J-Pop into their cell phone as their ring tone. Which kind of music do you want to choose as your ring tone? I guess that you would love to choose the music that sounds up-beat, energetic, happy and bubbly for you. That’s why there are lots of such music in J-Pop. A J-Pop annalist tell us in the video clip there are lots of music that start from the chorus in J-Pop. That’s because many people would love to use such music as their ring tone.

In addition to that, the annalist says that our songs sounds like too sweet. Do you know what I mean? I know the world “sweet” is not appropriate words in this case. So, I would love to describe what I mean in other ways. The word means that it sounds like much more romantic, slow, sometimes mellow and soft. I would love to pic up an example. The song sounds me very “sweet”. That’s why I love the song.

I think that our music company relate to Karaoke company and cell phone company strongly in advertisement. I think that it is really a good business for each other. After people listen to the music, they will go to Karaoke to sing the song. If they love the music, they download it as their music tone. After other people listen to the song from their fiends’ music tone, they also would love to download it and sing it at Karaoke. And then, it repeats between people.

Meanwhile, the video clip also explains us that world famous musician started to cover our songs. In the future our songs will give some influences to western music. I think it is very interesting. It is getting global further even in the music world.

In addition,the video clip picked up as one of the examples it starts from the chorus.

In the video clip, the song is one of the examples; for people it sounds very “sweet” in Japanese pop.

A Japanese “Otaku” Guy Got Married a Game Character

I guess some people remember that I updated about a Japanese hologram idol before. Today I would like to update other kind of creepy story.

A Japanese guy got married a character of a Japanese game.
One of my American friend sheared the news with me while we were chatting over Skype. When I read the news, I couldn’t believe that there are such creepy people who want to get married a game character in Japan. At the same time, I felt very sad……
The news was definitely shocking for me.

What do you think about the news? Although I live in Japan, I’ve never heard the news before. So, I was so surprised. I don’t think that such kinds of news are not major in Japan, but when we go to “Otaku Town” called Akihabara, we can look at a bunch of “Otaku people”. Of course in Japan we can’t get married a game character regally.

When I showed the news to my Floridian friend when we were chatting over Skype, he told me that the marriage was kind of dummy. The game company is hiring him and advertising the game with the way. When I listened to his story, I thought that it made sense. However, there are lots of creepy young people who are really poor at communicating with real girls in Japan. I’m wondering that it is one of the reasons that our population is getting down recently.
I really want Japanese young people to have a hope about marriage. It’s too sad to get married a game character even if she never complain about their marriage life, control her husband and waste her husband’s money.

On the other hand, only one good news is the news is kind of old. It was in 2009. In a years I’ve never heard the similar news, so I guess that it was a very rare news in Japan.

A Japanese Hologram Idol, Hatsune Miku

As you know, anime is very poplar as one of Japanese culture. I know many Japanese learners are very interested in our anime. Today I want to write about Hatsune Miku (初音ミク).


Hatsune Miku is a virtual idol in Japan. Although I’m not familiar with such kind of stuff, through my daughter I’ve heard about her name. When I listened to her singing voice, I felt very awkward because computer programing voice was singing a song.
She is especially popular among middle school kids, high school kids and otaku matures. When you go to a “Nico nico douga(ニコニコ動画)http://www.nicovideo.jp/ It’s kind of Japanese YouTube site.”, you can listen to a bunch of her songs. If you are interested in Japanese pop culture, I suggest you to become a user of Nico nico douga. You can get lots of tips from the website.

When I was chatting with my Texan friend over Skype today, he sent me a very interesting article about Hatune Miku. So, I want to share it with you. http://singularityhub.com/2010/11/09/cant-miss-videos-of-japans-3d-hologram-rock-star-hatsune-miku-in-hd/

Please watch some her YouTube videos. What do you think about them? Miku became a hologram, and she is having many concerts as real humans. When I watched them, I was surprised because I can’t accept a hologram idol as a real idol. However, there are lots of eager her fans and quite enjoying her concerts with her. She sometimes changes her costumes to make them feel happy. Since she is a 3D idol, you can feel that she is singing next to you. I think that’s why many people come to her concert.

My Texan friend and I talked about the Japanese technology after we watched some video clips. Although I really think Miku was created by our technology, this is a very weird part of our culture. On the other hand, I think that she might become a world known singer all over the worlds near future. At the time do you want to go to her concert?