Do You Know This Guy?

Hello there! How are you doing this weekend? I hope you all are relaxed and enjoying the weekend!

Today, I want to write about Japanese pop culture.  I want to introduce a Japanese transvestite guy. He is definitely outstanding from us.

He is not a pervert and just loves wearing  high school girl’s uniforms. Every weekend he shows up in Shinjyuku or Harajyku, Tokyo. He is getting more popular among young people, especially high school female students. When they find him, they ask him to get in a picture together. He loves it and enjoys it with young people. They say that when they find him, they believe that he brings them happiness. He is like a lucky charm for them.



When I read the article, I thought he was very weird. I know young people love weirdness, but I couldn’t understand why he was popular. I think it relates to our weird culture, “Busa-Kawa”. It means ugliness and cuteness. It’s a female thing, and most of Japanese women like something looks cute and ugly. I don’t think he is cute and ugly even though I agree his is ugly, lol. For young people he seems like he has cuteness and ugliness.

Then, I researched about him. He started wearing the uniforms a couple of years ago because he thinks girl’s school uniforms are cute. He loves cute things, but he says that he is not gay. He doesn’t wear other female outfits. He just likes wearing only female school uniforms. He has a job as an engineer, and when he goes to his office, he wears a normal male suit. He has a family and very educated person who graduated from one of our top universities, Waseda University. He is good at speaking English, and he has an other job, a photographer for dolls.

The line, he is good at English, this line got my attention. I found a video clip he is speaking  in English. He got an interview from CNN. He is saying that we should be confident whatever we are.

I think it’s good for Japanese culture to have that kind of people. We are so conservative and don’t like outstanding from others. We feel very comfortable when we belong to groups. However, is it good for us? I think it’s important to be ourselves and I agree with what he is saying in the interview. We shouldn’t look down on people who are different from us. We shouldn’t judge people from the factors like they have different religions, they are gays, they are transvestites or whatever. Everybody is different and we should respect each other. We should be proud of what we are.

Thank you as always for visiting my blog!

See you next weekend here again!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Helga Jaermann
    Jun 26, 2016 @ 20:15:02

    I think it is a funny story, love Helga


    • yumi
      Jun 29, 2016 @ 13:05:04

      Hi, Helga

      Thank you so much as always for visiting my blog entry. Thank you for reading my blog entry! I do appreciate you a lot!


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