What Do You Think That Your Another Langauge Changes Your Character?

Do you think that another language for a person changes the person’s character?

I’ve been learning American English and compared to speaking in my first language, I think I can become more honest and can say more personal issues and topics in public. Basically, I don’t like telling and asking about my personal issues to my friends and tend to hide them, but it’s much easier for me to threw up my feelings and thoughts in English.

I think English is more direct language than Japanese, and I’ve been developing in the language. I mean my vocabulary of the languages is smaller than Japanese one’s and that’s why it’s much easier for me to express my feelings in a straight way. I also think I’m very curious about the languages and I can enjoy my feelings in English.

The feeling is a little bit strange, but I think it’s fun for me that I can tell anything what I can’t tell in my mother tongue! That’s because my second language sometimes can heal my feelings and become a therapy.

In other word, when I speak in English, I can become more assertive than when I speak in Japanese. I can straightly say “Yes” or ” No”. I also can be a little bit more opinionated person and can say my thoughts clearer.

What do you think that your another language changes your character?


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  1. WC
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 11:54:10

    I’m not as good with Japanese as you are with English, but I’ve found that it doesn’t really change my personality.

    I think I’m slightly more polite, but I think this is because Japanese culture encourages that politeness, so it’s easier to learn polite words. Once I learn the language better, I’ve no doubt that I’ll be just as impolite in Japanese as I am in English. 😉

    Of course, as a foreigner, it’s easier for me to get away with being impolite in Japanese. I mean, Japanese people will expect me to have trouble with the language, and so they’ll overlook my rudeness, thinking that I just can’t use the language well. 🙂


  2. Christian Horn
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 06:28:39

    I am a native german speaker. I believe it would be impossible for me to learn the Japanese language without also learning Japanese culture.
    Along with learning that also my thinking and character changes.

    I also think that English is pushing the expression of feelings, also when compared to German. This is not always good thou, when talking to Americans they often show habits of ‘doing smalltalk’ which boils down to ‘I am asking you how you are/for your feelings, althou I do not really care’. For this situation I would consider it much more honest to not ask at all.


  3. djloopacabra
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 22:20:36

    Great job Yumi. I thought this was such an interesting topic. I definitely agree with you. I think our own native language is very important in building our unique characteristics. However, when you learn a new language you may add qualities that might become part of your new character.

    I like Japanese because it’s simple, but complex. Japanese can express very deep feelings in very simple phrases. To me Japanese is kind of like an abstract painting. It seems there is always a hidden meaning in everything. I’m a deep thinking type person, so I can appreciate the language as almost like an art form way. I enjoy the patterns of the language. I think the Japanese language has a strong influence from Bhudism and Confucianism.

    I agree with Christian. As Americans, we share our feelings all the time, and we lie about our feelings all the time too (mostly to not hurt anyone else feelings.
    The most annoying thing for me is hearing Americans say ” it was like”…, or “she was like”…or..”he was all like”….etc” Young people say it all the time. It sounds so stupid if you say it every sentence. I don’t need there opinion on every single thing they see, hear, say, or do in life.

    I want to study more about this idea.


  4. Ron
    Aug 05, 2012 @ 07:27:43

    Hi Yumi,

    Thank You for sharing the link to your blog at Lang-8. I was looking at the studio and the works look nice. I collect vases, sort of native art style.

    I wish you a Good Sunday Evening and Best Wishes for a Good Week ahead.


    Ron in Vancouver BC Canada


  5. quynhchu
    Aug 11, 2012 @ 17:18:50

    Hi everybody, :))
    this topic is really interesting for me, because I am learning the language now. For me, learning english is something very be funny, and fascinating. When learning the second language, seemingly, I am making a journey to seek something new, sound is crazzy, but actually I feel like that.
    I denifitely agree with yumi that the another language can change the person’s character. From learning english, I find myself change very much. Previously, I don’t have the good concentration, I often neglect while studying or reading. this is not good. But from learning the second language, I had to focus to listen the native speaker. if don’t have the concentration, i won’t understand the speaker said. thus, i must practice day by day to can overcome this obstacles. and i changed very much.
    moreover, sometime when I have a problem, and don’t know the way to express my feeling by my mother tongue, i can use another language to can express my emotion.


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