Thinking About World War 2

Recently I had been enjoying watching an American drama, ” The Pacific ” with my Texan friend. Every time we chated over Skype, we talked about World War 2. Actually, since I wanted to discuss every episode with him, I watched whole episodes with a dub in Japanese to understand more.

To be honest with you, I was very shocked because the drama had a lot of gross scenes. The drama was described from American perspectives. So, I could learn a lot of things from the drama.

Before I watched the drama, I didn’t know that many American solders were interested in Japanese weapons: guns, swords, our national flogs and so on. I also didn’t know that American solders also foraged gold teeth from Japanese solders’ corpses. Through watching the drama, I thought Wars always have changed our humanity. Before American solders went to the war, they showed their rich humanity. On the other hand, after they started to fight against Japanese solders, they transformed to murder robots, and killed many Japanese solders while swearing us ” Jap! “. After they killed us, they stole many stuff from Japanese solders without hesitating. I completely felt uncomfortable to watch the scenes.

My friend and I thought about World War 2 and discussed it a lot. He asked me why American government dropped the atomic bombs on Japan. Before I watched the drama, I have thought that we are Asians. That’s why they dropped them on us. If they dropped them on Germany or Italy, I guess many of American solders got mad because their ancestors came from the countries. However, at that time Asian people were quite few in America. Japan is far away from the U.S. So, it was the best spot for them to test and show off their power to all over the world.

However, after I finished watching the drama, I started to think it might be wrong. That’s because at that time Japanese solders were so crazy. We were mind-controlled by the Emperor of Japan. We had believed that our Emperor was God. So, we never hesitated to die for our Emperor. Going to die for Japan and the Japanese Emperor was virtue. In short, even if American solders arrived in Okinawa, we never surrendered the War.

In Japan we have some guts, something like Japanese spirits, called ” Yamato Damashii ( 大和魂 )”. We somehow respect the person who has some such guts. I think that the female succor that recently won world cup is a good example. They showed really good guts with really tough situation. I guess our guts came from Samurai spirits, called ” busidou ( 武士道 ) “. We have inherited such spirits from our ancestors. That’s why at that time it was very difficult for Japanese people to allow our defeat.
So, I guess in the situation, dropping atomic bomb on Japan was the short cut for American government to stop the horrible war.

Meanwhile, it is very complicated and it seems to be difficult for us to find out a good answer. All I can say is that all wars are terrible worse. Nobody can be happy through the war except war companies. We never ever repeat the same mistake again. I would like to write about World War 2 more, but I would like to keep them next time. At the end of this journal entry, I really appreciate my Texan friend to hang out watching the TV show with me. I also appreciate this world because I can have some good American friends!

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  1. Alvin B.
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 13:52:35

    I agree with your conclusion – no war is a good war. Many good men have left for war and returned somehow less than they were before they left. There are things people shouldn’t ever have to see or do, and war makes them do it and see it, even if they didn’t want to. When I was younger, I thought about joining the military, because it provides a lot of economic opportunity for someone who grew up poor like myself. However, I couldn’t justify having to subject myself to warfare and the brainwashing that comes with being a soldier.


    • yumi
      Aug 20, 2011 @ 13:16:44

      Thanks for the comment, Alvin. Thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts.
      I can’t tell you that joing the military is wrong, but I feel negative feelings. I am sorry.
      So, I am glad that you didn’t do that.


    • coolooc
      Nov 20, 2011 @ 11:59:16

      Diaoyu Islands have been a part of China since the Ming Dynasty, US Congressman David Wu remarked in a statement yesterday at the Georgetown University.

      “Historically and geographically the Diaoyu Islands have been a part of China since the Ming Dynasty. Japanese sources have acknowledged Chinese ownership since the late 1700s,” said Wu.

      Japan only laid claim to the islands after its war with China in 1895, Wu added.

      In 1945 Japan agreed to accept the Potsdam Proclamation. And according to the proclamation, Japan should return to China/Taiwan and Diaoyu Islands it had illegally seized from China. Japan returned Taiwan to China but refused to return Diaoyu Islands to China.

      And in 1951 Japan unilaterally signed the San Francisco Treaty with the US, which enabled the US to exercise the so-called “administrative rights” over the Diaoyu Islands. But this illegal treaty has never been accepted by the Chinese government.

      The US committed an error by letting Japan to manage the islands instead of returning the islands to China. This is an error made by the US that needs to be corrected, Wu said.


  2. Christian Horn
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 18:54:24

    Well written. I am german; we share not only participation in that war but also that we blindly followed one leader.


    • yumi
      Aug 20, 2011 @ 13:29:27

      Hi, Christian. Thanks for the comment. I didn’t know that you are German. I am very curious how you received the education that relates to WW2. In my case, our teachers never taught us really serious parts. We just learned about WW2 with our textbooks like a part of history. However, we still have many problems between our neighboring countries; China and Korea. I really think we were lucky to get beaten by America. If we won, I guess we didn’t have a bright feature. Our country would be controlled by one leader and the Emperor of Japan. It would be woeful!


      • Christian Horn
        Aug 20, 2011 @ 17:24:14

        I grew up in the east part of germany which was at end of the war occupied by the Russians. There was quite some time dedicated to teaching things regarding worldwar2. Considered as evil for sure, yet also the piece that later enabled eastgermany to become socialist republic which was considered the superious system. In the western part of germany (and now everywhere) the “it is really bad, as all wars” takes place. Interestingly we have good relations to all surrounding states. All kinds of actions, spending money to other countries etc. are a bit feeling like “there is stuff to made up because of the second world war”.
        For following one leader: this part is really different from Japan. While Japan had always his tenno we are not as hirarchically organized. Hitler did rise just the last few years bevore the war started. He was able to gather to become the leader due to some “tricks” regarding government/getting the position, also germans hoping for better future – they felt germany was in a bad state. Also after world war 1 germany had to pay much, to germans this felt not “right”.
        When I tell people here about my passion to visit Japan/learn Japanese one of the first thoughts is often still “hey, our comrades at last war!”, besides remembering the big quake since half a year ofcourse is mostly the first thought.

    • yumi
      Aug 20, 2011 @ 13:44:28

      Oooops! I forgot to tell you that thank you so much for subscribing my blog!!!!


    • yumi
      Aug 25, 2011 @ 18:11:02

      Hi, Christian. Thanks for the comment. I agree. We never ever make the same mistake again. Do your history teachers teach you that your contry make a big mistakes at WW2? All my history teachers never say that the atomic bombs were bad. We have received the education that the war was wrong, and we made a big mistake. We have to tell what happened to Japan at WW2. Our country is the only one that have the experience to be dropped the atomic bombs. So, we have to tell the story. I agree with the part. However, know the truth is also important for our education. I still can’t understand why they chose Hiroshima. Why they dropped the second atomic bombs on Nagasaki? Was the second one really nessesary at that time. or something like that.


      • Christian Horn
        Aug 25, 2011 @ 20:27:09

        Of course, WW2 was a mistake, that is told in school.
        No idea on why they opted to the second bomb, there are some possible explanations in books, also that they had the idea to bomb Kyoto at some point in time.

      • yumi
        Sep 13, 2011 @ 13:53:11

        Hi, Christian. Thanks for leaving the comment again!

  3. Michael McMaster
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 18:35:37

    Hi yumi,

    Sorry for the very late blog comment, I just realized I didn’t comment yet! Yes, in short it was a short cut to end the war. I don’t think it was right to do, and I think war made everyone very bloodthirsty. What still bothers me is many people sometimes make the excuse the later generations are less violent, but I think it is not very hard for people to become so cruel.

    I think the lesson from World War II is that war doesn’t help anyone. I just wish like many americans do, we could end the war America is in now.

    I also blame in part some of Europe because after World War I most of the axis was treated poorly. I have heritage from Britain, France, and Austria so I have heard many sides of the wars. I just pray there are no more big wars in the future.


    • yumi
      Sep 13, 2011 @ 13:52:42

      Hi, Michael. I am also sorry that I couldn’t reply to you soon. I had been super busy for a while to take lots of painting classes here and there. Thanks for the comment!


  4. niasunset
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 12:29:30

    This is a nice post again… There is no winner in the wars, there is always loser… Who said I can’t remember now. I hate wars… But this is the reality of human world. If there is war,there is peace too, or opposite of this. (like beauty and ugly or rich and poor,…etc.) But what hit me in this topic, an American and a Japanese can talk today about the past, about the history… and they can ask their questions and share their thoughts… Isn’t it beautiful… this is where we are now. I hope and wish in near future all world can find this peace. Thank you dear Yumi, with my love, nia


    • yumi
      Dec 23, 2011 @ 10:18:32

      Hi, nia. Thank you so much for the comment. When I discussed it with my Texan friend, I felt him closer even though he lives far from Japan. Yeah, we sometimes talk about it. If people all over the world could use Skype and talk on it, there would become no wars all other the world. I also hate wars. No wars produce benefits. You know what happened to North Kora, right? The leader of the North Korea, Kim Jon IL died. I really hope nothing will happen to between North and South Korea. I’m worried about my neighboring countries…….. Can’t stop it………..


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