Let’s Think About Economy

Do you buy your won country’s products? It is becoming difficult for us to find out ” made in Japan ” stuff here in Japan. I have seen many stuff that are made in China or Vietnam. They are cheaper, so many people love buying such stuff. However, have you thought about that it make our own country’s economy become worse?

I would like to pick up American economy as a sample because American economy is the most advantaged in the world. Do you know that most American industry companies have been far from America, and they have been producing their products in China, Vietnam or other countries. They don’t have even their call centers in their country. I guess it is very popular, so everybody knows about it. For example, you know one of the American sports blands, ” Nike “, right? Do you know that they have only few American employees who are something called, ” brains “, and most employees are Chinese or Vietnamese. In short, Nike doesn’t hire American employees, and they have tried to cost down. That’s why they can produce cheaper products. Do you think that it is a good idea?

I have some young American friends who are struggling with finding jobs even though they graduate from university. I think it is really sad even if they graduate from university, and they have higher education, they don’t receive the opportunity to use their knowledge.

I cannot help worrying about my country. I think that Japanese economy is later one or two decades than American economy. However, we also try to follow the same way. After the earthquake that hit us this year, some companies started to be far from Japan to receive enough electricity. That means we will see more ” not made in Japan ” stuff in the future. Ten years from now, Japanese young people might struggle with finding jobs because Japanese companies won’t hire Japanese employees.

When I was in America this May, I saw many auto cashers at Wal-Mart ( That is a very popular American supermarket chain shop ). I was so surprised because we don’t have such cashers in Japan. Although at that time, I thought it was very cool, it pointed some American employees lost their jobs instead of the machine cashers.

I really think ” Cheap is the best ” is not good fur us. In the future it will pay a price for the thoughts. So, I think that we should buy our own products even if the products are bit more expensive. Furthermore, it will protect and raise our economy.


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  1. Michael
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 00:20:54

    Hi Yumi
    (When I was in America this May, I saw many auto cashers) わたしは、auto cashers 代きりいです、、、ははは。わたしは、けつしてつか。
    Many companies go for the cheapest supplies and labor and often produce products of lower quality…too bad some times…it truly is a global economy now.


    • yumi
      Jul 17, 2011 @ 07:48:53

      Hi, Michael. Thanks as always for leaving some comments on my blog entries! I really appreciate you! Same here! I also dont like the auto cashers. I always get confused, and I am scard to use them. Yeah, after I posted the blog entry, I started to think that we might have to accept the situation, and we might have to tend to look at the globalization. That means we Japanese people have to study English further, and we will try to work abroad in the futhre, though.


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