American Fashion and Japanese Fashion

Long time no see. I am sorry I couldn’t update my blog for a long while. That’s because I went to America to take some painting classes and stayed there for twenty three days. As you know, I am a China painter ( porcelain painter ) and an English learner. I have been learning painting and conversational English to make my dreams come true.
So, going to America and taking some painting classes is the best way for me to improve both my skills. I have been going to America regularly to take some painting classes in English since last year.

I went to Michigan this time to attend the Michigan school, and I had stayed at my Michigan friend, Gay’s house for two weeks. I had a wonderful time with her, her family and her friends!

Today I would like to write about fashion because while I was in America, I had some interesting experiences. While I was in Michigan, I was with Gay all the time. One day when we were watching TV, while showing an advertisement for shoes, she asked me which one was my favorite. There were a pair of pink, red and black shoes that had a big rose on the advertisement. I pointed black one without thinking. However, it was a bit shocking for her because black was the worst one for her. She asked me why I didn’t choose red or pink. I had never I wanted to wear the bright pink or red shoes before. For me black is the best color for shoes because it is the easiest to make fit to any other colors outfits.

She also asked me why I always have been wearing such conservative colors like navy blue, black, white, gray and brown. I answered that it is the most comfortable colors for outfits. After that, she started to treat me every time we went shopping. While showing very bright and decorative outfits, for example, the outfit has many spangles, she suggested to me that I should wear these colors. However, I never ever would like to wear those colors.

I like colors because I am a painter. However, I tend to choose conservative colors to choose for my outfits. I think that I had grown up with school uniforms. That’s why I feel comfortable when I wear conservative colors. Most mutual color for our school uniform is a navy blue. In addition, the design is also very simple and conservative. I also think we don’t like standing out to others. I am not sure but I think we tend to think if we wore the outfit, we might stand out.

I had seen many decorative outfits that I can’t see in Japan in America. I think compared to Japanese people, American people are taller and bigger. They have various colors eyes and hairs. Their skin color is more pale than ours. Thinking about such everything, such vivid colors fashion is much more fit to Western people. What do you think about it?


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  1. Jane
    May 22, 2011 @ 01:09:03

    Your e-mail was very interesting Yumi. When I visited Japan in 1990 I had to buy a pair of shoes because my feet swelled up during the flight there and I had to buy men’s slippers. Everybody thought that was very funny.


    • yumi
      May 25, 2011 @ 02:02:14

      Hi, Jane. Long time no see. How have you been? Thanks for the comment! What do you mean by my e-mail is interesting? Did you try to send me an e-mail? I will try to send you an e-mail later.

      Anyway, I am sorry to heat that. Of course at that time our feet swelled, so you needed a bigger size. I can understand. Anyway, I will update my art blog soon. So, please check it out later!


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