Thinking of My Country’s Future

I read an article today. According to the article, people in Singapore value us even if our GDP ranking became down the third price. When I read the article, I felt like very happy because recently I have been feeling Japanese economy feel down at all. However, people in Singapore expect us that our quality of service, products and our skills of high technology a lot. They say if we would keep going on creating high quality products and saving such good quality of service, and we also could keep on creating new technology, people all over the world still would keep on being respect us.
I am not sure if what will happen to our future, but I really would like to believe in the article and Singaporeans’ comments.

In addition to that, Chinese economists also think that Japanese economy will definitely be recover soon after world economy will come back. Chinese economists also think although Chinese GDP went past ours, their quality is less than ours. They value our social security system a lot. They pointed although we have gotten a lot of influence by world economy for a long time, our situation in economy has not been so serious because we have a really good social security system.

I was born in Japan and grow up this country. I have to think what shall we do to our future as one Japanese person who loves Japan a lot. I think creating a good education system is one of the key points to survive this world. We have to create good human resources who can support our economy. I hope that my daughter will become one of such people. I also think that we might not be able to survive with only our country, so we might have to co-operate with our neighboring countries like South Korea and China.


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