Do You Like J-Pop?

Do you like J-Pop? Before I watched the You Tube video, I never think that J-Pop is so much popular all over the world. Do you know that right now there are lots of J-Pop fans who cannot understand the meaning of lyrics here and there in the world?
To tell you the truth, I do not like J-Pop. Since I was young, I have been a huge fan of western music. So, when I watched the video clip, it surprised me a lot.

Since the video clip is in Japanese, and it is difficult for us to listen to the English part, I would love to write about the content of it in English. However, in this case I do not translate it into Japanese. While including my opinion, I try to write about J-Pop.

I know it is one of effective tools for Japanese learners to learn Japanese while listening to J-Pop. I know some friends who have been learning Japanese with J-Pop. I think that it is a good idea for them if they can enjoy learning Japanese. When I listened to the storied that they really love listening to J-Pop from my friends who have been learning Japanese, I could not understand why they love J-Pop so much because I do not like it.

If you were a J-Pop fan, can you tell me the reason why you like it? According to the video clip, Japanese music melody lines are different from western melody lines. Ours sound more happier. In other words, our music makes people encouraged, happy, positive and cheer them up. They would like to sing songs at karaoke or in a group. As you know, in Japan Karaoke is very popular among Japanese people. I think that most of people love to go there to release their stress. So, most of J-Pop is easy for us to sing at Karaoke. It means that compared to western music, it is much easier for people to memorize melody line and lyrics in J-Pop; it is easy for them to sing them.

On the other hand, our cell phone’s technology is the most advanced in the world. Many people download J-Pop into their cell phone as their ring tone. Which kind of music do you want to choose as your ring tone? I guess that you would love to choose the music that sounds up-beat, energetic, happy and bubbly for you. That’s why there are lots of such music in J-Pop. A J-Pop annalist tell us in the video clip there are lots of music that start from the chorus in J-Pop. That’s because many people would love to use such music as their ring tone.

In addition to that, the annalist says that our songs sounds like too sweet. Do you know what I mean? I know the world “sweet” is not appropriate words in this case. So, I would love to describe what I mean in other ways. The word means that it sounds like much more romantic, slow, sometimes mellow and soft. I would love to pic up an example. The song sounds me very “sweet”. That’s why I love the song.

I think that our music company relate to Karaoke company and cell phone company strongly in advertisement. I think that it is really a good business for each other. After people listen to the music, they will go to Karaoke to sing the song. If they love the music, they download it as their music tone. After other people listen to the song from their fiends’ music tone, they also would love to download it and sing it at Karaoke. And then, it repeats between people.

Meanwhile, the video clip also explains us that world famous musician started to cover our songs. In the future our songs will give some influences to western music. I think it is very interesting. It is getting global further even in the music world.

In addition,the video clip picked up as one of the examples it starts from the chorus.

In the video clip, the song is one of the examples; for people it sounds very “sweet” in Japanese pop.


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  1. WC
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 12:44:48

    I can’t stand most J-Pop. There are only a few songs that I like. But then, I can’t stand most music of any genre, so that doesn’t surprise me. 🙂

    My favorite artists from Japan are Hamasaki Ayumi and The Ulfuls.


  2. WC
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 12:50:42

    Hah, the videos didn’t load the first time. 🙂

    As for ‘too sweet’, the word we use is ‘saccharine’, which means ‘exaggeratedly sweet or sentimental’. It’s almost always used for something that’s so sweet/cute/cuddly as to be annoying.


  3. Rowell
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 13:13:54

    I think it’s because people want something much different from what they are currently used to. I mean, you like Western music, some Westerners like J-pop – it’s music exchange. I suppose it’s the same way with language exchange. People, in general, like to try something different from the norm. Just my opinion, though.

    P.S.: I do not like J-pop because it’s “J-pop”. I do like J-pop because they are often being used in anime (lol).


  4. kaze
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 16:04:07

    I agree with Rowell here. If it wasn’t for Anime, the idea to listen to J-music wouldn’t have crossed my mind.
    Even then, I prefer J-rock to J-pop, because .. well, Jrock comes close enough to western pop already, while J-pop can be so kawaii, you catch caries 😉

    This is an example of music I like:


  5. mikotoneko
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 18:20:02

    I don’t follow genres of music to find other music, rather I listen to the Japanese radios that play varieties. Often I’ll listen to music from one band and find similar music to them via a site like I find that music I listen to falls into pretty much every category. I like variety. 😀 This applies with American music too. I don’t just listen to rock or punk or rap or pop or anything. It’s either, “this song is good or this song sucks” for me. hehe

    It does take me a long time to compile play lists though, since I’m not always in the mood for certain types of music, and listening to one radio station often bores me with its lack of variety.


  6. kaze
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 18:42:24

    oh, i’d like to add, that when i was young and didn’t know english yet, i also liked music with english texts, although i didn’t understand them. the combination of melody and vocals was enjoyable enough. same applies here.


  7. Zac
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 20:27:18

    I like J-Pop in part because I’m studying Japanese and it is good practice to listen to songs. I agree that the songs are very easy to memorize, and I’ve made use of that fact to learn several words and phrases that I would otherwise never have come across.
    I like that J-Pop is different than western music. I particularly like the band BUMP OF CHICKEN, which has produced a variety of songs. Their song 天体観測 is well known and is pretty straightforward and easy to remember. Their song ハンマーソングと痛みの塔 has a strange chord progression that makes the song very unique. They even have a song that is made up nearly entirely of minor and diminished sounding chords, called 乗車権 (I’m not very good at music so i’m not exactly sure what quality the chords are, but the song has a dark sound overall so I’m just making the assumption that they are minor or diminished.) I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song quite as dark sounding as this one. The variety of songs is appealing to me.
    I like certain songs, while I can’t stand others. I do like J-Pop, but just because a song is J-Pop doesn’t guarantee that I’ll like it.
    This is a very interesting post.


  8. Sashasimba123
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 00:53:24

    Me too! I like J-Pop, but only to a certain capacity. Like Zac and Kaze, I love J-Pop and listen to it often. I say we need a wide range of genres. It is cool however that J-Pop has a variety of tunes!


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