A Japanese “Otaku” Guy Got Married a Game Character

I guess some people remember that I updated about a Japanese hologram idol before. Today I would like to update other kind of creepy story.

A Japanese guy got married a character of a Japanese game.
One of my American friend sheared the news with me while we were chatting over Skype. When I read the news, I couldn’t believe that there are such creepy people who want to get married a game character in Japan. At the same time, I felt very sad……
The news was definitely shocking for me.

What do you think about the news? Although I live in Japan, I’ve never heard the news before. So, I was so surprised. I don’t think that such kinds of news are not major in Japan, but when we go to “Otaku Town” called Akihabara, we can look at a bunch of “Otaku people”. Of course in Japan we can’t get married a game character regally.

When I showed the news to my Floridian friend when we were chatting over Skype, he told me that the marriage was kind of dummy. The game company is hiring him and advertising the game with the way. When I listened to his story, I thought that it made sense. However, there are lots of creepy young people who are really poor at communicating with real girls in Japan. I’m wondering that it is one of the reasons that our population is getting down recently.
I really want Japanese young people to have a hope about marriage. It’s too sad to get married a game character even if she never complain about their marriage life, control her husband and waste her husband’s money.

On the other hand, only one good news is the news is kind of old. It was in 2009. In a years I’ve never heard the similar news, so I guess that it was a very rare news in Japan.


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  1. kaze
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 14:33:16

    Hello 😉

    I don’t know if you are watching Anime or not, but if you don’t I’d suggest anyways to watch one in particular, its name is “Welcome to the NHK”.
    The Anime is about a young guy that failed to keep up at university, because he was very timid, and then he spent a year at home to try again.
    That year of waiting changed him alot. He began to develop a fear disorder (I’m not sure if that’s its English name, in Germany it’s named “Angststörung”) that made it impossible for him to leave his home. Occassionally, he even hallucinated and had his toaster or television talk to him. He felt that the world as a whole was against him. Such people are called Hikikomori, I bet you heard that term before.
    He then met a girl that had watched him from her place using a spyglass, and was interested in “rescuing him”. Her reason to do that, she had a disorder of some kind herself, felt worthless, but decided to fight it. To accomplish something like that, she had to find someone who was in an even worse state than she was, and come up with ways to reintegrate him into society.
    That’s a very rough overview, mind you.
    This anime in particular is not one of the typical kind with lots of girls in too short skirts, tons of panty shots and whatever. It’s one of those I’d advise everyone to watch, because there’s something to learn here.
    There are more people like this. More than you could ever imagine. Most are caught in a web of duties, integrated in their own social nvironment that permits them from overindulging, but they do suffer, and suffer alot.
    In an earlier article you wrote about Japanese language leading to depressions, which is, I think, directly connected to this issue.
    If you read the first, and then this article together, both of them suddenly may make sense.

    No, this was not a PR gag by a game company.
    This was a lonely guy that fell in love with an imaginary 2D girl he could show his love without being embarrassed. Ofcourse, one can perceive this as “sick” or “perverted”, but personally, I feel compassion. Maybe because there are many people with issues around me in my real life, and if you have to see a psychiatrist in Germany, you’re being put on a waiting list for one year for a reason: Too many people have problems they fear they can’t handle alone.

    My personal approach is to rely on my family, what’s yours?


  2. Mikoto
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 17:00:00

    I’ve seen similar articles about a few men in Japan who have lots of life size, life like dolls. In a way, I feel a lot of pity for them (men and women who feel that they cannot connect to others), and also a lot of compassion.

    I don’t know where the fault lies. Sometimes I think our technology is so advanced, that you can literally connect to anyone in the world, but at the same time, people say they feel more lonely than ever. I know of a couple who only talks to each other on their computers in their home, but they are in separate rooms. I feel as though these problems could be getting worse, but its hard to say. I just hope that people don’t get up hope on finding a partner.

    As for marrying a fake character. I’ve heard similar accounts to people marrying animals, monuments, and toys and such. I’m not sure if it is because they have disorders, or if it for some gag or to bring some hilarity/attention to their lives.

    Thanks for sharing Yumi!


  3. Rowell
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 13:27:03

    It’s escapism. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, but I’m sure what the man have done was the product of loneliness…of depression. And no one really is to blame. It’s the sad reality of life, that people become what they don’t want to become.

    I don’t know if I can consider myself an otaku, for there is no fixed definition of that term. I do watch anime and play games, but I know when to stop. I know when I have to get back to the “real world”. For me it’s a matter of balance. You spend too much time on one thing, then you’ll ruin the others.

    Oh my, looks like I got a little carried away and talked about my vague ideas. Oh well, time to get back to work lol.


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