The Time Bank

Don’t you waste time? In my case I’m really good at wasting my time. I know that I have to improve managing my time, but I love the Internet surfing, napping and checking out SNS and reading comments. And then I start to regret. I really think that I’m always repeating the same way…….

Yesterday I found a very motivating story, so I would love to share it with you. Since the story was written in Japanese, I try to translate it into English. It’s good practice for me.

– The Time Bank

There is a Japanese bank. The bank pay $86,400 every single day into your bank account. However next day your balance at the bank will be zero. In other words,  if you can’t spend all the money, you will loose your balance that you can’t spend in one day. If you have an account in such a type of bank, what will you do?
Of course, I guess you try to draw out  all the money from your account every day, right?

To tell you that truth, each us has such the bank. That is time. Every single morning you can get 86,400 seconds. However, if you can’t spend it well, it will burnish. You can transfer it to next day. It won’t be a overdraft to next day either.

Every single day your new bank account open and you can receive 86,400 seconds, but if you can’t spend all of them, you will loose the left of them. You can’t go back and live in your past days. You have to live in your present time.
So, you are supposed to invest to your limited time. You are suppose to draw out as max as possible to your health, happiness and success. The band of clock is working forever. So, you have to creat your best stuff every single day. 

If you can’t understand the worth of one day. Ask the student who become a flunked student. If you can’t understand the worth of one month, ask the mother who give a birth to a premature baby. If you can’t understand the worth of one week, ask an editor of a weekly magazine. If you can’t understand the worth of one hour, ask a couple who are arranging to meet. You can learn the worth of one minute from the person who just messed up the train that he/she wanted to ride on. You can learn the worth of one second from the person who could avoid an accident right now. I think that you can learn the worth of 1/10 of second from the silver medalist of an Olympic game.

So, you are supposed to think of the moment when you are living. In addition to that since you are spending your precious time with your very important somebody, you are supposed to respect the person because you are sharing your precious time with the person.
You are always supposed to think of “Time flies” or “Time is money”. Yesterday was gone, and nobody knows tomorrow. Today is a gift. Do you know that it’s why in English people call “now” present?

I really love the story. I would love to follow it! What do you think?


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kaze
    Nov 27, 2010 @ 19:00:17

    alright, after reading through the aticle you translated, i have to say this:
    if you constantly think about your time as a potential you want to use efficiently, you push away effectiveness and, more importantly, fun.
    i too waste a lot of time all the time, while also doing various japanese-related things like watching anime, or the latest anime openings/endings on youtube.
    it can go the other way round, too, you know: you only got ONE life (if the buddhists are mistaken, and if not, you won’t remember this life in the next one anyways, heh), might aswell make the most out of this.
    if stress is totally what you enjoy, go ahead and load up on tasks and obligations.


  2. yumi
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 01:51:31

    Thanks for the comment. I don’t think that it’s waste of time because while you are watching Japanese anime, you are improving your Japanese skills, right? That is you are spending your time for your hobby. I also love watching American dramas in English. That’s one of the most effective activities for me. I think if people regret about spending their time or think negative thoughts, it’s probably that they are wasting their time. However, if they can enjoy spending their time and think positive thoughts, it’s not waste of time, I think.

    Meanwhile, I read your blog. Your blog is also very interesting! I also booked mark yours. I know that learning another language would take a long time. However, if we could keep a motivation, it would be possible for us to conquer the language. I really think that this motivating story would help such people who tend to spend waste time.


  3. mikotoneko
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 01:59:21

    I’ve actually read a similar story in English. I wonder if they were the same article? The references are even the same. I find there is a balance to usage of time, don’t try to hard to push to hard, respecting breaks and fun is important, but in the same moment don’t be lazy and wasteful. I think for everyone that balance is different. I sorta live my balance like my kid does. Eat, activity, rest 😀


  4. yumi
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 02:03:10

    Hahaha, thanks for the comment, Miko-chan. I totally agree with you. Yeah, I guess mine is translated version of Engish. So, I translated it into English again, right, hahahaha. It’s really complex. I really hope mine never sounds odds. Right now you are a busy mom for rasing your kid, so I don’t think you spend wasting your time. For moms, spending time with their kids is the most important, right?


  5. kaze
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 03:27:17

    we seem to agree on this matter. but i’d nake soething clear, because i think i did not yet: as a german, watching german dramas on TV, not that would be wasted time for me. if i was learning the language, it wouldnt, bit since i dont, i also don’t waste my time watching them 🙂
    i don’t only watch anime to be exposed to the japanese language. it’s a great excuse, ofcourse 😉 but i could do the same by listening to japanese news, some japanese people talking about something really boring on youtube and whatever comes to mind. 🙂 in this case, i enjoy it, AND i can profit from it, so it’s a win-win situation for me.
    as for japanese itself, no idea if ‘ll ever earn a cent with it (doubt that), but i heard your brain builds a new speech center for every language you learn, so every time you learn, your brain’s capacities expand. now isnt that a great thing? ^^
    btw, i’m daddy to 2 sons, and spending my time with them is the greatest thing. my younger one, 12, seems to have an interest in nihongo lately … ^^;


  6. kaze
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 03:28:14

    omg, just discovered 1000 typos. to my defense, it’s 4:25 a.m. in germany 🙂 gomen!


  7. Zac
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 05:20:32

    This is a really good analogy for how our lives work. It opened up my eyes to how important the way we use time is. I especially like the examples given at the end. It’s a brilliant article, and I’m very glad you introduced it to us.


  8. Sashasimba123
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 00:47:09

    I agree with kazeさん! You have one life, so you should live it to the fullest! Of corse there are rules, but as you wrote, you don’t want to give up precious time or not use it wisely


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