Yumi’s Autumn Virtual Tour in Japan

Welcome to Yumi’s virtual tour. In this tour you can enjoy viewing leaves changing in Japan with some video clips on YouTube. I hope that you will enjoy the Japanese autumn season and leaves changing through some very pretty video clips. Right now in Japan here and there we can enjoy seeing leaves changing.

My favorite spot where you can enjoy viewing leaves changing is “Kamikouchi(上高地)” in Nagano prefecture. Kamikouchi is one of the national parks in Japan. I also love going to “Kamikouchi(上高地)” in summer, but to go Kamikouchi in autumn is much more lovely. Watch the mountain in the video clip. I think you can understand what I’m saying. While you are hiking around the mountain, you can hear real natural music that are performing by bugs and birds. You really enjoy looking at Japanese autumn scenery in country side. Kamikouchi is in northern part of Japan. So, I recommend you that you’d better to go there earlier autumn.

My second favourite spot is “Hiyoshi Taisya(日吉大社)” in my hometown, Shiga prefecture. I think you can look at the similar scenery here and there in Japan. When you go to famous Temples and Shinto Shrines in the evening, you can see leaves changing with being lighted up. However, I suggest you to go to the suburbs in Japan because you don’t meet so many people who also go to the place like you. So, you’ll have plenty of time to be able to see the scenery alone.

I think that Kyoto, Nara and Hakone are also very famous spots to be able to see leaves changing. However, I prefer going to Japanese country sides to going to major spots. I’m sure that when you go to the suburbs in Japan, you can find your own favorite place. Through hiking around Japanese mountains, walking around historical places and visiting around Temples and Shinto shrines, enjoy your autumn in Japan.

Thank you so much for joining my tour. I hope you enjoyed the Japanese autumn with me. I also hope I will meet you very soon.


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