Today I want to try to explain about the meaning of Japanese word, “En(縁)” in English. I know it is very difficult for me to do that because the word sounds very abstract.

Have you heard about “En” before? I think the word is related to our religion, Buddhism. Don’t you have some experiences to meet someone who is very important for you? For example: After you met the person, your destiny was changed into a good way by the person. At that time, we feel “En” on the person. We think that we might have kind of destiny that like we should meet in our future. We can’t see “En” with our eyes because “En” isn’t an object. However, we can feel “En” from happening to meet.

To tell you to the truth, I met two guys who changed my destiny in my entire life. I can feel “En” from both meetings. One person is my husband.  He is the most important person in my whole life. The other is my Floridian friend. After I met him, I could realize my dreams that I’ve wanted to realize since I was a children. That’s to become a painter.  Both meetings have very important meanings in my life. So, I can tell you that I can feel “En” from meetings my husband and my Floridian friend.

I’m a very optimistic person and believe that I can do anything. I think the positive thoughts can pull a good “En” toward me. There are lots of “En” here and there. Nobody can see the “En”. I’m sure that we can get a good “En” with positive thoughts.

I hope my explanation helps your knowledge about Japanese culture.



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