Japanese Guys’ Fashion Now

Compared to 2 decades ago, I think Japanese males tend to become feminine. That’s because they really pay much attention to their fashion.

For instance, most of young guys tend to shave their eyebrow. In Japan the guys whose eyebrow is thin looks  hot right now. Therefore, from high school students to around 25 year-old guys’ eyebrow is thin like females’ eyebrow. They also wash their face with expensive facial soaps. They pay much attention about their acnes. Some of them don’t like getting a tan, so before they go out, they put a sun-protect. We call such kind of guys who look feminine as soushokukei danshi(草食系男子). Since I prefer masculine guys, definitely they are not mine.

Meanwhile, lately some guys like wearing females skirts. When I go to Tokyo, I sometimes look at them. When I look at them at first, I was very surprised. I can’t quite understand why males want to wear female skirts. When I look at them, I always think they look very strange and uncool. We call such guys who wear females’ skirts as skirt danshi(スカート男子). Since I live in the suburb in Japan, although I’ve never seen such guys here, when I go to Tokyo, I meet some of them. I can’t help wondering Japanese guys will become more feminine. I also wonder when young boys look at them, they feel they are cool and want to become like them.


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