Spring Japanese flowers

Today I want to introduce spring Japanese flowers to you. It is the very strange weather this year. Although it is in the middle of May, it is still cold, and yesterday my previous place, Nagano prefecture recorded 50cm of snow. It is crazy. Since there is lots of cold air over the Japanese sky, it is still cold.
However, thanks to this weather, we still can enjoy view spring flowers.

Although the cherry blossoms season has gone, we can view tsutsuji flowers and fuji flowers. In my previous place in Nagano, we can view mizubasyo in our national park, Kamikouchi.

I love spring Japanese flowers because I can feel energy from them. After they have passed through strict winter seasons, they finally can bloom very pretty flowers. That’s why their looks very lovely.

Tsutsuji flowers smell very fragrance. I love it. Their colors are mainly pink, red and white. I’ve never seen yellow one.
I love fuji flowers as much as cherry flowers. I prefer blue or violet flowers. The colors of fuji flowers are violet or white.

I was born in otsu city in Shiga prefecture. In my hometown we have very famous paintings called otsue. I think since my hometown is close to Kyoto, the paintings are influenced by kyoe(painting style in Kyoto- like makie). In the otsue the most famous painting is a girl with fuji flower. Therefore, when I see fuji flowers, I always remember my hometown.

Mizubasyo is one of Japanese alpine flowers. It looks very cute. The color is only white. When I had lived in Nagano prefecture, I loved to view Japanese alpine flowers. Therefore, next time I would love to introduce about them on my blog.
Mizubasyo in Oze is very popular, and many tourists visit there to view them in springs.

Tsutsuji flowers
Fuji flowers
hujimusume( a girl with fuji flowers)
According to the video clip, we can view them in Fukui!!! I really want to go there!!!

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