Japanese Sweets in Spring

Hi, there! Today I want to introduce you to our sweets. Japanese sweets are called as wagashi(和菓子) in Japanese. The figures look very pretty. You can enjoy eating wagashi while you also enjoy looking at them.
Today I want to introduce spring wagashi. Since we have four seasons, we have seasonal sweets for each season. In spring, we eat dumplings. We call such type of dumplings hanamidango(花見団子). When I was a kid, I loved the dumplings. It’s very soft and sweet. The texture looks like mochi(もち). Hanamidango has three colored dumplings; pink white and green. I think that when people enjoy viewing cherry blossoms, they eat the dumplings. However, I’ve never eaten them while viewing cherry blossoms.

Hanami dango

 We also eat mochi called sakura mochi(さくらもち)and kashiwa mochi(かしわもち). Sakura mochi is wrapped with a cherry leaf. The leaf is very salty, and you can eat it with the mochi. When you eat it, you can enjoy both salty and sweet flavor at the same time. In my case, I don’t like eating a leaf, so I always peel it off before I eat sakura mochi.

Sakura mochi is very interesting sweet because it has varieties. It has two type of sakura mochi: in western area and eastern area it has differences. In western it is covered with sticky stuff. On the other hand, in eastern it is covered with dry stuff.
However, both ingredients are same.
Before I transferred to eastern area, I didn’t notice that. Since I was born and grew up in western area, I prefer western version to eastern version.
Western version sakura mochi                                            Eastern version sakura mochi                                           
Kashiwa mochi is eaten on 5th of May. The day is children day in Japan. We celebrate the day for children. I want to write about the day next time. Kashiwa mochi has various bean jam. Basically although it is made from red beans, it also has miso(みそ) flavor jam. As my mother loves miso flavor, when I was young, she always bought it. I really don’t like the flavor because I don’t like sweet miso. It’s yuk!!! The children day is for boys’ event, but all of us eat kashiwa mochi and celebrate the day.
Kashiwa mochi                                Chimaki



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  1. Gianni Dazo
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 00:11:00

    I really want to try all these sweets! I wish they get imported to the Philippines! 🙂


  2. Brandon
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 02:44:10



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