Japanese instruments

Hello, friends. I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog for a while. I hope that you all never forget me.

Today I want to introduce Japanese instruments. We have various kinds of instruments; koto(琴ーこと), syakuhachi(尺八ーしゃくはち), wadaiko(和太鼓ーわだいこ), shamisen(三味線ーしゃみせん), tuzumi(鼓ーつづみ) and so on.

In my case when I listen to the sounds of koto, I associate the sounds with me drinking a cup of Japanese green tea with wagashi (Japanese sweets) in Kyoto. When I listen to the sounds of syamisen, I imagine that I’m standing on a cliff with a snowy day.
I can’t play any Japanese instruments, but I like the sounds of koto and shamisen.
Especially, we have some world famous shamisen players. Although they are young, their music sounds like mixed Japanese traditional sounds and western sounds.

I love their perfomance. They are called as Yohida brothers(吉田兄弟-yoshida kyoudai).

He is an other shamisen player, but his performance is also very cool!

When you listen to wadaiko, you can enjoy watching their performance while they are playing the drams. Wadaiko means Japanese drams. Wa(和ーわ) points Japan or Japanese, and taiko(太鼓ーたいこ)means drams in Japanese. I think that Japanese drams’ performance is very masculine. However, there are lots of female players.
We also have world famous players for wadaiko.

I think our instruments have a strong relationship with our regions. For instance, tugarushamisen(津軽三味線ーつがるしゃみせん) is from tugaru region. Each instrument is used for our folk songs or our folk dances.  We call our folk songs as minyou(民謡ーみんよう)and folk dances are called as nichibu(日舞ーにちぶ).

I hope my tips help your expanding knowledge about Japan.

syakuhatu sounds

I think that this video clip sounds very Japanese


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