Japanese Emoticons

Today I want to introduce about our emoticons. Have you seen our emoticons before? Our emoticons are quite different from emoticons in English. Ours are more visual than emoticons in English.

I don’t like using Japanese emoticons when I type in Japanese. I think Japanese emoticons are for only kids. Therefore, when adults use emoticons, they don’t seem to be intelligent for me. However, emoticons have some good aspects. When we use them, it is easier for us to understand our friends’ emotions without sentences. I think that we can communicate with each others more friendly.

On the other hand, I think Japanese society is based on respecting elderly people. Therefore, I think for adults to use emoticons toward elder people is kind of rude behavior. I’ve never used emoticons to elder people or respectable people like teachers or bosses. I also think that we can’t use emoticons on business scenes. I think for adults if the relationship between us can allow us to use emoticons, we can use them our friends even who are older than us.
Therefore, I think our emoticons are only for children.

In addition to that, I’m not belong to the generation that they grow up with PC or cell phones. Therefore, I think that I have such a kind of opinions. I wonder if after the generation that they grow up with PC or cell phones become adults, they might use lots of emoticons everybody or every scenes.

If you are interested in Japanese emoticons, you can check them out here.

Here is the link: http://kaosute.net/simple/warau.shtml ( You can check out smiling emoticons on the page. All of them are smiling emoticons.)  When you click home, you can check out various emoticons. You also can download Japanese emoticons if you want to do that.


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