Spring season in Japan

Do you like cherry blossoms? Cherry blossoms are one of my favorite flowers. I think the pink color of cherry blossoms is very cute and lovely.
Meanwhile, I also love spring seasons. I think the best seasons in Japan to visit are both spring and autumn. That’s because in spring you can enjoy watching cherry blossoms blooming, on the other hand, in autumn you can enjoy looking at leaves changing. Especially, Japanese maple leaves changing is very lovely.

Today I want to introduce our spring season. The temperature is around 20 degree Celsius, and it is very comfortable for us. Since I live in northern parts of Japan, our temperature is under 3to 4 degree Celsius compared to average.
I guess cherry blossoms start to bloom when it become around 20 degree Celsius.

I think Japanese people love watching flowers and enjoy looking at them. Since we have four seasons, we can enjoy watching different flowers in different seasons. I think it is really lucky for us because we can enjoy seasons moving while we are looking at flowers or leaves changing.
In this season, our main topic of conversations is that we already have enjoyed viewing cherry blossoms or not. When we meet our acquaintances, most of us ask them, “Have you viewed cherry blossoms?” As you know, the cherry blossoms full blooming period is very short, so we want to enjoy viewing them. It remands us our lives are also brief, and the beauty is fleeting. We say “花の命は短くて(はなのいのちはみじかくてーhana no inochi wa mijikakute)”. That is our metaphorical phrase. The meaning is the beauty for females span is as short as cherry blossoms blooming span.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brandon
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 01:16:23

    Yeah, it seems like Summer in Florida! It is hot as usual! Our winter didn’t last very long


  2. Brandon
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 01:16:54

    Yeah, it seems like Summer in Florida! It is hot as usual! Our winter didn’t last very long.


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