Japanese People and Commit Suicide

Today is the last day of three consecutive holidays. My family and I went to “Tojinbo(東尋坊)”. The place is very famous as one of the places of commit suicide in Japan. People jump into the sea from cliffs. Tojinbo is also famous as one of scenery. When we stand the cliffs, we can look down the Japanese sea. Today was so windy that we could see lots of big waves. Although I think the scenery is very lovely, it is also scary. While I was standing there, I thought about how many people jumped into the sea to commit suicide.


Japan is one of the high rate countries of commit suicide. In Japan eighty eight people commit suicide a day. It is equal as one person commit suicide each sixteen minuet. The main ways of commit suicide are to jump into trains, jump into the sea from cliffs and hang ourselves with ropes. Although I have experiences to loose close friends, one was to kill herself with hanging herself with a rope, and the other was to jump into a train. I wonder why Japan has a high rate of commit suicide. Long time ago, in samurai days, harakiri was common way of commit suicide in Japan. I think since long time ago we have already accepted kind of commit suicide. Meanwhile, I think our society is very punctual. Most of Japanese keep on time. In addition to that, our society is also very competitive society. Most of people want to get higher leveled education, and most of people would love to get better jobs. I think many people feel lots of stress to our society and systems. On the other hand, I think we are poor at reduce our stress, compared to foreigners. We study hard, and we also work hard. However, right now our economic condition isn’t good. Some people can’t get good job even if they graduate from university. In Japan right now the rate of number of young people’s commit suicide is increasing. Although I can’t tell you the right reason, I guess it comes from mixed our social system and our culture. I think if young people can’t find any hope in their future, and they try to ran away from their real society to commit suicide, it is too sad. I can’t help thinking about our future society. I have no clue how we can stop young people’s commit suicide.


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